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Our Tree Mulching Services can be provided with our Tree Removal Services or Tree Pruning Services, or as a Stand Alone Service that will help you dispose of dead wood from your property. After our tree experts have removed or trimmed a tree, we will mulch all the cut branches or trunk discs, completely clearing the area and providing you with useful tree mulch.

If you have cut down your own trees or brush but don’t have the resources or time to dispose of the brush, we offer an hourly brush chipping service.


Bulldog Tree Services can offer you op quality garden mulch and fire wood.

  • Good seasoned hard wood available @ $140 m3 + delivery

Why is mulching so important?

  • It reduces evaporation so your soil can hold on to the moisture longer

  • Suppresses weeds

  • Provides soil with a protective layer against wind and water erosion.

  • Provides insulation for your plants roots from temperature extremes

  • Will break down and contribute valuable nutrients back in organic matter

Mulching tips:

  • Water the garden before and after mulching or apply mulch after rain.

  • Leave space around the trunks of plants to avoid fungal problems.

  • Apply mulch up to 80mm thick, and replenish annually.

  • Lay a porous weed mat under the mulch, or use old newspaper around 8 sheets thick, to further prevent weeds.

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