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An Arborist Cutting Down a Maple Tree Pi


Bulldog Tree Services are can offer more than just tree removal services we can help maintain your trees and shrubs for you. Well maintained trees will ensure that they remain structurally sound and grow into wonderful trees that can  add value to your property. Pruning your trees will increase their life and fruitful yield.

Tree pruning may be necessary for a whole wide range of reasons and you can rest assured that when the project is completed by us it is done correctly and safely. We will use only the latest techniques, tools and equipment when it comes our tree pruning services.

There are many reasons why you should use our services for tree pruning.

  • Pruning for Safety Reasons

  • Pruning for Light

  • Selective pruning of branches or limbs

  • Pruning to remove dead branches

  • Pruning to thin canopy

  • Preparing property for sale

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